Manage Client Bookings With These Free Scheduling Systems

If you run a business which relies on bookings; you know how much effort it takes to plan and manage the calendar.
Whether it’s new client bookings, existing clients ready to book multiple appointments, clients cancellations or emergency bookings; it can become a nightmare if not organised.

For many businesses that rely on scheduling and booking calendars, costs can seem daunting as solutions can be priced well above $100 / month.

OnePoint Connect works with a number of booking systems and have shortlisted the best free booking systems that are perfect for sole traders, start-ups or SME in Australia.

Google Calendar

While not an obvious choice, Google Calendar contains many great features that can be used for appointment scheduling for sole traders and SME. It’s certainly not an option for large-scale companies, but for small businesses it’s great. Email notifications can be configured with each booking and providing calendar access to staff is very simple.




If you’re a doctor or practitioner; Halaxy is a great option to consider. Halaxy’s philosophy is that they “don’t think you should have to pay to treat your patients or for software to manage your practice”. You can use Halaxy to handle your appointments, patient records and financial reports free of charge.

Halaxy also offers SMS notifications and payment processing; however, these options are premium add-ons.




Setmore is one of the world’s most popular scheduling systems. Starting as a free booking system solution, it now includes a premium option to help handle online payments and more. The free option offers plenty to get you started and the online calendar interface is very simple to use. You can easily create customers and store their details, scheduling in single and multiple bookings.



Acuity Scheduling

Acuity Scheduling a great scheduling app to choose when you need to customise your booking process to a fine degree. Acuity Scheduling can also integrate with several popular third-party systems including PayPal, Google Calendar, iCloud, Office 365, Strip and more. While Acuity Scheduling is a premium booking system, they do offer a free option for Solo account holders – perfect for Sole Traders!



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